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This is a ReactJS based personal resume website template. I have built this by following a Udemy course (credits below) and by beginning with the Ceevee template by Styleshout (credits also below), and breaking up their template into isolated React components. Data is fed directly from a JSON File. This means that in its final form, it can be customized and used by anybody simply by filling in their own personal info into the JSON file and the changes will be dynamically fed into the site. If you would like to use this template for your own personal resume website, read on to learn how to build your own copy. please make a MAKE A DONATION NOW TO KEEP OUR SITE LIVE

if you have any dificulty setting this app up leave a comment in the comment section i will be glad to help you.

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1. Make sure you have what you need

To build this website, you will need to have Node >=6 downloaded and installed on your machine. If you don’t already have it, you can get it HERE

2. Build a Create-React-App

Next, you will build the initial application using a handy tool called Create-React-App. This allows you to get up and running with a React app without the headache of setting up build-tool configurations. Go HERE to get started. When the app building is finished run cd yourappname and run npm start to test it out. Hit ctrl+c in the terminal when you want to stop the server that the above command starts. For this project we will also need to install JQuery and ReactGA, do this by running npm install jquery --save and npm install react-ga --save in your terminal while inside your project folder. YOU MUST RUN THESE COMMANDS.

3. Download the template

Once you have a React app up and running by following the steps in the above link, download the code by clicking here and download the zip file. unzip it to your desktop or any location, All you will have to do now is replace the “public” and “src” folders of your newly built app with mine that you just downloaded. If you run npm start now, you should see that your app renders the same as the one at the live demo link above. if you face any chanlenges leave a comment i will assist you.


4. Replace images and fonts

Next, you will want to replace the images, and fonts if you like, with your own. All you have to do is replace the images at public/images/header-background.jpg, public/images/testimonials-bg.jpg and public/favicon.ico with your own. YOU MUST KEEP THE SAME NAMES ON THE IMAGES.

5. Fill in your personal info

To populate the website with all of your own data, open the public/resumeData.json file and simply replace the data in there with your own. Images for the porfolio section are to be put in the public/images/portfolio folder.

6. Make any styling changes you would like

Of course, all of the code is there and nothing is hidden from you so if you would like to make any other styling changes, feel free!

7. Enjoy your new Resume Website

When you’re all done, run npm start again and you’ll see your new personal resume website! Congratulations!

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Udemy Course

Projects in ReactJS: The Complete React Learning Course by Eduonix

Header photo credit

Casey Horner

Testimonial photo credit

Samuel Zeller

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